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ECO-DRR Factsheet

Sustainable and Disaster-resilient Development in Vulnerable Countries

Context: The degradation of ecosystems – such as forests, wetlands, coastal and marine systems, and drylands – is a major driver of disaster risk and a key component of disaster vulnerability. Conversely, the impacts of disasters on vulnerable communities can be lessened with improved ecosystem management. This approach is known as Ecosystem-based Approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction or Eco-DRR. 

This factsheet is about the following:

Between 2013 and 2016, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), in partnership with the European Commission, implemented Eco-DRR demonstration projects in the countries of AfghanistanDemocratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti and Sudan. The goals of the interventions were: to improve ecosystem management to boost local resilience to disasters and lessen climate change impacts; to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of the Eco-DRR approach; and to enhance local and national capacities to integrate Eco-DRR in national and local development planning.


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Alexa Froger
27 June 2019

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