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Status Report on the Application of Integrated Approaches to Water Resources Management

Release Date: June, 2012

The report is part of the stock-taking needed in the run-up to Rio+20, but is also necessary in order to recalibrate the sustainable development compass to allow Earth’s seven billion inhabitants, which will rise to over nine billion by 2050, to prosper and fulfill their full potential. Rio+20 is likely to set a process in motion to deliver a range of new goals for after 2015 aimed at bringing rich and poor nations into more cooperative efforts towards a sustainable 21st century.
This report, rich in analysis and recommendations, can assist in defining how those new transformational goals can be forged – and, more importantly, be met – over the coming years and decades. UN-Water will strive to contribute to this process through improved monitoring and reporting to inform policy-making, advocacy and capacity development, and through more effective coordination across the spectrum of UN agencies involved in water in lending support to countries toward achieving sustainable water resources development and management

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13 August 2012

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