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Seeds of Knowledge: Contributing to Climate Change Solutions


Publication Date: 2012

This booklet presents 24 case studies from 17 countries on grassroots solutions to the impacts of climate change.


Theme: Capacity Building

  • Strengthening capacity for conflict prevention and the protection of natural resources in Peru
  • Strengthening institutional capacity to adapt to climate change in the Philippines

 Theme: Communication 

  • Communication protects the environment in Nicaragua’s BOSAWAS Biosphere Reserve
  • Radio and climate change meet in the Andes in Peru 

Theme: Ecosystems Management 

  • Multi-disciplinary teams bring agricultural adaptation to climate change in China 
  • Trends of forest ecosystems and their services in Senegal 

Theme: Energy 

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Egypt tackles climate change through energy-efficient transportation 

Theme: Environment Mainstreaming and Governance

  • Environmental planning for protecting Bosnia and Herzegovina, one town at a time
  • Mauritania converts national policies into concrete action on natural resource management 

Theme: Gender 

  • Ethiopian female pastoralists unite to fight climate change
  • Gender and communications combat climate change in Nicaragua 

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