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Bilateral Finance Institutions & Climate Change


Publication Date: 2010

2010 was the third year of this mapping exercise of climate change financial flows to developing countries is an initiative of UNEP Bilateral Finance Institutions Climate Change Working Group (‘UNEP BFI CCWG’). The UNEP BFI CCWG originated from a workshop on bilateral financing for climate change convened in January 2009 at UNEP in Paris.

Members of the UNEP BFI CCWG at the time of this report were UNEP and five bilateral finance institutions: Agence Française de Développement (AFD), European Investment Bank (EIB), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), KfW Entwicklungsbank (Germany’s Development Bank), and Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO). These financing institutions act, and provide financing, on behalf of their respective governments.

In this report, ‘bilateral’ means that beneficiaries or clients of these institutions are not direct shareholders. UNEP facilitates the operation of the UNEP BFI CCWG, providing the opportunity for closer interaction and co-ordination of BFIs’ climate change activities and investment modalities.

The financial data reported and analysed in this report is provided by the participating finance institutions through a financial survey and interview process. The report is part of a growing global effort to make available comparable, transparent and accurate data on financing to address climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. This type of reporting is an annual initiative of the members of the UNEP BFI CCWG.

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