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UN Environment launches 2016 Annual Report online

On 17 February 2017, UN Environment launched its combined Annual Report and Programme Performance Report for 2016. The report describes the organization’s accomplishments for the year, highlighting successes and detailing performance against targets.

This particular report can be accessed by clicking on the image below:

In his opening message, UN Secretary-General António Guterres stressed the far-reaching impact of environmental protection: “Many conflicts are triggered, exacerbated or prolonged by competition over scarce natural resources; climate change will only make the situation worse. That is why protecting our environment is critical to the founding goals of the United Nations to prevent war and sustain peace,” he said.

UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim used his message to emphasize the importance of public engagement. “People must always, always, be front and centre in our work to protect the planet,” he said. “All of humanity’s most important struggles […] started with a small but dedicated group of people who clung to their goals and principles in the face of fierce resistance and formidable challenges.”

For the first time, UN Environment has combined its Annual Report and Programme Performance Report into a single product. The report includes detailed information on finances and performance against indicators for each of the organization’s seven areas of work: Climate Change, Disasters and Conflicts, Ecosystem Management, Environmental Governance, Chemicals and Waste, Resource Efficiency, and Environment under Review. The report also includes feature stories describing the organization’s work to promote energy efficiency in Morocco; help Haitian fishermen build their resilience to hurricanes; promote composting in Malaysia; and restore Iraq’s “Biblical Garden of Eden”, among other activities.

A condensed print version of the report will be published in March. 

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