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Global Soil Week 2016

The Global Soil Week is a collective process and a knowledge platform for sustainable soil management and responsible land governance worldwide. This year’s Global Soil Week will take place from 19 – 23 April in Berlin.

The Global Soil Week seeks the input and commitment of stakeholders across professions and global regions. This results in the discussion of soil- and land-related topics in a very wide political and socio-economic context. In the exchange of ideas among politicians, researchers, and civil society the challenges we face can be described in their full dimension and joint pathways to change can be discussed. Traction for the issues of soil and land is gained by jointly identifying important political or societal leverage points.

Why soil? Soil is inextricably linked to human and ecosystem health and crucial if we are to ensure food, water, and energy security for nine billion people by 2050. It sustains biodiversity – and if managed wisely – contributes to the mitigation of climate change.

To achieve various development objectives, a future transformative research agenda at global and national level will need to address the cross-cutting nature of soils and land. The main thematic priority beyond 2016 will be to engage in local dialogues on acknowledging this in the thematic reviews of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda by the United Nations.

The United Nations Environment Programme is an official Partner of the Global Soil Week, along with the European Commission, FAO, the German Federal Environmental Agency and the International Union of Soil Sciences.

Find out more about this year’s Global Soil Week here.

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