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Gian Paolo de Pinto31 March 2016

The overall objective of the TradeCom II Programme is to contribute to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in ACP countries through closer regional integration and increased participation in the global economy.

The Programme’s implementation strategy will facilitate the integration of ACP countries in the global economy and value chains by improving their capacity to formulate and implement suitable trade policies and strengthening their competitiveness. The latter will target support to ACP private sector to diversify their export base, and markets also through greater integration into the regional and global value chains and simplifying, harmonizing and regularly updating international compliance procedures including customs procedures. The overall strategy will entail building and strengthening ACP trade capacity at national and regional levels through a combination of TA and capacity building actions.

TradeCom II Programme implementation is clustered into two broad components: Programme Estimates and Grants.

Programme Estimates is a flexible demand-driven facility capable of rapidly mobilizing specialized TRA for ACP beneficiaries.

Grants is an inclusive, demand-driven facility to support cooperative responses to the programme’s objectives and expected results. The grants will complement the demand-led support provided under Component I with longer-term and locally anchored institutional capacity building.
In light of these objectives and implementation strategy, the TradeCom II programme is configured to realize economies of scale and scope, hence it targets both regional and multilateral levels.