About the Project

LEARN (Lao Equity through Policy Analysis and Research Networks) is an EU-funded programme designed to improve Universal Health Coverage in Lao PDR through better informed public health policies and their implementation, monitoring and evaluation. More specifically, LEARN supports the National Institute of Public Health (recently renamed Lao Tropical Public Health Institute) in efforts to provide national health authorities and stakeholders with expertise, documentation, reports and relevant tools.

Secondly, LEARN provides evidence to policymakers with a focus on nutrition, reproductive health, cost-effectiveness and the socio-cultural dimensions of health, that are particular priorities of the Government of the Lao PDR. The LEARN programme is being implemented over a five-year period by MCNV, Vrije Universiteit, Hanoi University of Public Health and local partners Lao Tropical Public Health Institute and the University of Health Sciences.

1 April 2018



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European Union

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