Zimbabwe - Agriculture and Resilience

Climate Smart Agriculture-Based Resilience Building

Transformational Potential:

  • Unlocking the development potential of the agricultural sector through an environmentally conscious, but more productive approach, based on agro-ecological principles.
  • Enhance food, economic and environmental resilience and opening up new export possibilities required to generate Forex (indispensable to modernise and diversify the economy).

The Team Europe Proposal key activities in the areas of territorial planning, climate-smart agriculture and renewable energy:

  • Promote a territorial / landscape approach (decentralisation policy)
  • Consider farming system approach (cereal production)
  • Consider agro-ecological principles (Committee on World Food Security High Level Panel of Experts4) and the EU Farm-to-Fork Strategy
  • Equally involve women and men at all stages.
  • Capacity building and organisational structures of local authorities and farmers.
  • Involve private sector
  • Promote solar energy at community level.
  • Include a research component to promote


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About Zimbabwe - Agriculture and Resilience

Geographical area

Africa - Southern

Thematic priority

  • Green deal
  • Sustainable growth and jobs


  • No Poverty
  • Zero Hunger
  • Gender Equality
  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Climate Action
  • Life on Land