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L’eau en Tunisie

The Transformational Potential:

  • Maximum transformative impact for water management
  • Strengthening pollution prevention
  • Reducing energy consumption in the water sector
  • Prevention of water-related conflicts
  • Considering the intersectoral nature of water (ecology, well-being, health and dignity, green and blue economy connections)

The Team Europe Proposal, overall objective is to support of sustainable and equitable management of water resources:

  1. Access to drinking water and sanitation throughout the territory by anticipating the future needs of the population;
  2. Usage of clean technology and energy to improve water efficiency and productivity, preserve its quality or improve it at all stages of its development and fight against climate change;
  3. Public enterprises in the water sector (SONEDE/ ONAS) are autonomous and financially solvent delivering quality services

Establishment of a Secretariat to improve the coordination of the implementation of the TEI (coordination, communication & visibility, monitoring & evaluation).

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Thematic priority

  • Green deal
  • Sustainable growth and jobs


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