Team Europe Democracy (TED)

The transformational potential:

By increasing the impact of some of the biggest supporters of democracy, TED has the potential to slow down democratic backsliding and leverage windows of opportunity for democratic progress.

The Team Europe proposal:

  • A Steering Committee to provide policy steer and management, chaired by the European Commission’s DG INTPA and including EEAS, NEAR, contributing EU MS, CSOs representatives and other key partners;
  • The TED Coordinator (DG INTPA) facilitates the financial resources for the operational structure of TED and oversees the work of the Secretariat;
  • The Secretariat sets up and supports the TED network. It coordinates activities, steers research and runs an Expert Facility to support EU and MS democracy actions, at country level in the area of democratic governance.

TED networks:

  • A TED Network, including MS, CSOs, international organizations and other partners;
  • The aim is to coordinate actions, facilitate exchange and promote peer learning on democracy issues, priorities, and partnership opportunities.

Three priority clusters: 

  • Accountability and Rule of Law 
  • Political and Civic Participation
  • Media and Digital.

About Team Europe Democracy (TED)

Thematic priority

  • Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital
  • Governance, Peace and Security


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