Sustainability in Global Supply Chains

The Transformational Potential: to improve the human rights and environmental situation in global supply chains by coordinating accompanying support to EU companies, their direct and indirect suppliers in producer countries and all stakeholders on the ground who contribute to sustainable framework conditions.

The Team Europe Proposal, global approach: 

  • Focus on all stakeholders in the upstream value chains, European clearinghouse for information, tools, and guidance to help public and private actors in developing countries identify requirements and relevant accompanying support to comply with EU Due Diligence legislation. This may further facilitate EU companies to engage on this with suppliers in developing countries.
  • Practitioner’s network to facilitate information sharing, peer learning and best-practice exchange between Member States.

Governance structure: a joint platform made of the EU and participating Member States, national implementing agencies and development finance institutions, TEI secretariat.

Indicative typology for clustering of support measures:
1.    Information and guidance on due diligence process and legal requirements
2.    Practical tools for supply chain management, risk assessment and reporting.
3.    Global policy dialogue, international coordination, and research
4.    Industry collaboration and stakeholder engagement
5.    Producer/Supplier Capacity Building and Empowerment. 
6.    Impact Investment and supply chain finance
7.    Regulatory environment and support ecosystems in partner countries
8.    Transparency, advocacy, and consumer awareness raising

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Thematic priority

Sustainable growth and jobs


  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Climate Action
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