Sri Lanka - Green Recovery

The Transformational Potential:

  • To contribute to waste reduction with a strong focus on plastics through incorporating green solutions.
  • To support protection, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and marine biodiversity. 
  • To support the government with the development and implementation of public policies and regulatory frameworks in selected sectors (e.g. solid waste with a focus on plastic and industrial waste) that are needed to implement the NDC, to foster sustainable consumption and production and to enable a low-carbon economy. 

The Team Europe Proposal:

EU “Green Policy Dialogue Facility”: 

  • Develop and implement policies, reforms, and intervention, aligning EU-Sri Lanka Green Development policies and international commitments
  • Improve business and investment climate for inclusive circular economy.
  • Facilitate business operations and investments in green and digital technologies.
  • Access to finance.

Promoting a Circular Economy – sustainable production, consumption, and finance:

  • Skills development, TVET
  • Research institutes, start-ups and entrepreneurs, Civil society, and authorities
  • Technological transformation and digitalisation (access to finance)
  • Public awareness on waste and plastic waste reduction (access to finance)

Valuing Sri Lanka’s Biodiversity:

  • Reduce the pressure on biodiversity hotspots and extend the availability of green economic opportunities for local communities.
  • Develop financial incentives and income generation for communities living in biodiversity- and carbon-rich areas;
  • Research and capacity development to value biodiversity and to mainstream natural resource management and planning at local and national level.

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  • Quality Education
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Climate Action
  • Life Below Water
  • Life on Land