Pakistan - Green Economy & Jobs

Building Back Better through Green Jobs Creation

Transformational Potential:

  • Green economic recovery by collectively investing in and transforming sectors to achieve sustainability and generate green jobs for the growing youth bulge.
  • Increase economic competitiveness, transform the rural areas, and contribute to preserve employment and ultimately impact positively the long-term stability of the region.

The Team Europe Proposal activities include:

  1. Innovative, technology-based solutions to support climate-smart agriculture/forestry and the food supply chain
  2. Support to investments for development of green jobs and needed skills in the agribusiness and forestry sectors - livestock, horticulture and forestry value chain
  3. Policy level and direct support (livestock, horticulture and forestry value chain)
  4. Further complementary actions to ensure:
  • Availability of skilled workforce.
  • Access to finance.
  • Climate change adaption and mitigation.
  • Inclusive and green development

The MIP will complement the TEI for sustainable and inclusive employment creation (investment climate, renewable energy, integrated water management etc.).

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Thematic priority

  • Sustainable growth and jobs
  • Human Development