Niger - #nigergenerationsfutures

The Transformational Potential includes:

  • Encourage the development of businesses that provide sustainable jobs from and to women and youth.
  • Encourage the emergence of centers driving sustainable economic development, innovation and growth in the region
  • Societal transformation in a decade: change in the status of women, decreasing birth rate and malnutrition. Stop the increase of societal insecurity and migration
  • Decentralization in order to strengthen the potential of young people and women in the regions

The Team Europe Proposal activities include:

At national level:

  • Improvement of the business environment including reforms & regulations.
  • Establishing opportunities between companies present in Niger (including European) and potential investors
  • Facilitating the access to financing: Particularly those  businesses in promising sectors
  • Support for the establishment and operationalization of a more equitable legal framework with gender-based approach
  • Strengthening the efficiency and inclusiveness of educational and health systems

At territorial level:

  • Development of adequate and green infrastructure
  • Strengthening human capital through education & health, especially for girls
  • Development of legal private enterprises in promising sectors

Team Europe members

Other Team Europe Members

About Niger - #nigergenerationsfutures

Geographical area

Africa - Western

Thematic priority

  • Green deal
  • Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital
  • Sustainable growth and jobs
  • Human Development