Morocco - Gender equality

L’Egalite de Genre

The Transformational Potential:

  • The convergence of values
  • The promotion of women's rights
  • Increased awareness for gender-based violence
  • The inclusive and sustainable post-COVID recovery

The Team Europe Proposal, strategic objectives are:

SO1: Fight all forms of gender-based violence, in public and private spheres, online and in the workplace
SO2: Contribute to the empowerment and realization of economic, social and labour rights of girls and women
SO3: Contribute to equality of rights and opportunities for women to participate in political and governance processes at all levels
SO4: Promote a culture of equality

Analysis of the potential integration of themes relating to the green transition (environment, climate change) and digital transformation.

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About Morocco - Gender equality

Geographical area

Neighbourhood - Southern

Thematic priority

  • Governance, Peace and Security
  • Human Development


  • Reduced Inequality
  • Partnerships to achieve the Goal