Malawi - Good Governance

Transformational Potential:

Development of a robust governance system in which the citizenry can access its rights and develop a sense of ownership of the development process.

Effective implementation of public policy and delivery of public services.

Increase transparency and accountability to prevent vulnerability to corruption and unethical practices and improve public trust in government institutions.

The Team Europe Proposal activities include:

1. Participatory and inclusive governance

  • Promoting joint policy and political dialogue on democratic governance
  • Empowering citizens (girls and women, civil society, media, private sector) in fighting and reporting the misuse of authority, funds or other of public interest
  • Electoral cycle assistance and support to domestic electoral observation

2. Rule of law and justice

  • Human rights and fundamental freedoms, fight against discrimination in all its forms
  • Improving access to justice and ensuring a responsive and fair justice - reinforcing the capacity of judiciary institutions

3. Accelerating the transformation of public financial management

4. Enhancing the institutional capacity of independent governance and oversight institutions

5. Improving access to information and using digital tools for enhanced transparency and accountability in the public sector.

Member states involved: Ireland, Germany and Flanders region.

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About Malawi - Good Governance

Geographical area

Africa - Southern

Thematic priority

  • Governance, Peace and Security
  • Human Development


  • Gender Equality
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
  • Partnerships to achieve the Goal