Liberia - Forestry and Biodiversity

Transformational potential -  Contributing to the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources in Liberia, to the benefit of its citizens and future generations, through sustained job creation and income generation.

The Team Europe Proposal:

1. Interventions on sustainable use of forest resources, enhancing and promotion of:

  • Logging sector performance (enabling mechanisms for private sector, strengthening law enforcement Government capacity)
  • Sector value chain development (timber transformation, value addition and improved efficiency market promotion)
  • Sustainable tree plantations to meet local and regional needs.

2. Interventions on conservation of biodiversity, landscapes, and its functionality:

  • Strengthening support to conservation (rehabilitation of degraded forests, accountability for economic values of ecosystem services and improving livelihoods)
  • Support the development of the eco-tourism sector, enable livelihood diversification for forest dwelling communities 
  • Fight illegal wildlife trafficking, decrease bushmeat consumption; alternative sources of protein research

3. Cross cutting interventions

  • Green development mechanisms (sustainable forest resources use and protected areas management, CSOs)
  • Foster forest research - twinning (JRC ), critical knowledge gaps (forest management, timber harvesting, landscape restoration, high valued forest plantations)
  • Enhance bio-diversity related research specific to the Upper Guinean ecology 
  • Develop forestry and conservation skills (twinning, TVET), raise awareness on climate change and strengthen resilience
  • Gender inclusion: girls and women’s education

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