Global Green Bond Initiative (GGBI)

The Transformational Potential: to support the development of green bond markets in partner countries.

The Team Europe Proposal will support partner countries to:

  • Mobilise capital from institutional investors to finance - through green bonds - their climate and environmental projects.
  • Increase and diversify their access to private capital for an inclusive and sustainable transition in which no one is left behind.
  • Develop credible green bond frameworks.

Coordinated approach - enabling increased diversification and stronger visibility in line with the key principles at the heart of the European Financial Architecture for Development.

The GGBI addresses the challenges on both sides of the investment chain: the investors and issuers’ side. 

Pillar 1: Building the issuers’ capacity and know-how at local level (TA):
Pillar 2: Crowding-in private investors by providing confidence and de-risking mechanisms, through a Green Bond investment vehicle, that pools resources of EU DFIs backed by an EFSD+ guarantee.

TEI parameters:

  • Led by a consortium of European DFIs.
  • Rely on a governance structure defined by the European Commission and European DFIs.
  • Countries will be selected based on an in-depth macroeconomic analysis (debt sustainability)
  • Rely on a comprehensive technical assistance programme. 

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About Global Green Bond Initiative (GGBI)

Thematic priority

  • Green deal
  • Sustainable growth and jobs


  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Climate Action
  • Partnerships to achieve the Goal