Gambia - Good Governance

The Transformational Potential:

  • Successfully accompany the country in its transition from an autocratic regime to a stable democracy where the rule of law applies and human rights are respected, and that engages positively in the multilateral, rules-based global order
  • TEI on Good Governance and the TEI on Green Gambia cross-fertilize one another, notably on the legislative aspect

The Team Europe Proposal activities include:

  • Pillar 1: Constitutional review, transitional justice and judiciary reforms
  • Pillar 2: Security Sector Reform (SSR)
  • Pillar 3: Deepening the EU-Gambia Migration Partnership
  • Pillar 4: PFM, Debt management, DRM, fight against corruption

Team Europe members

EU Member States

About Gambia - Good Governance

Geographical area

Africa - Western

Thematic priority

  • Migration partnerships
  • Governance, Peace and Security


  • Reduced Inequality
  • Peace and Justice Strong Institutions