Ecuador - Sustainable Economy

Economic Green Recovery Through Circular and Bio-Economy

The Transformational Potential includes:

  • Development of an inclusive and sustainable economy, in coherence with Ecuador’s climate commitments
  • Stimulating green innovation and productivity
  • Facilitating sustainable public and private investments for a green transition

The Team Europe Proposal activities include:

  • Increase productivity in alignment with environmental and social standards, networks of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Promote sound public policies and regulatory framework on research, innovation, and technology transfer
  • Foster international cooperation and research networks with European universities and research centres
  • Promote innovation HUBs and technology transfer, I+D+I development fund
  • Support training - technical careers and VET
  • Strengthen and optimize public investment
  • Provide regulatory development support 
  • Develop new (green) financing tools with local public banks
  • Finance public investments - decarbonisation and climate mitigation and adaptation credits
  • Accelerate and leverage sustainable private sector investments
  • Complementary measures in a “COVID-19” green recovery context
  • Support the local healthcare system response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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About Ecuador - Sustainable Economy

Geographical area

Latin America

Thematic priority

  • Green deal
  • Sustainable growth and jobs
  • Human Development