Digital for Development (D4D) for Digital Economy and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa

Transformational potential:

Support the digital transformation in Africa by fostering multi-stakeholder dialogue, joint partnerships, and investments in the digital domain.

The Team Europe Proposal:

1. Strengthen EU coordination on D4D (D4D Hub Africa Branch):

  • Exchange information on projects (D4D Hub label);
  • Identify TEIs with a thematic and/or geographic scope;
  • Supporting the EU-AU dialogue on digital, joint engagement;
  • Localize the global D4D Hub strategy;
  • Promote dialogue with EU and African private sector actors, academia and think tanks;
  • Thematic working groups.

2. Engage in Africa-Europe strategic dialogue:

  • Annual multi-stakeholder forum.

3. Support the digital transformation in Africa under the Team Europe umbrella:

  • Jointly defined priority areas;
  • Thematic working groups - Project identification/ formulation by each development partner;
  • Co-financing and/or joint implementation of actions;
  • Joint investments.

4. D4D Hub Labelled Support (coherent framework of actions) to:

  • Monitoring, clear and agreed benchmarks;
  • Assure complementarity, coherence, and coordination at EU level;
  • Assess additionally and accurate accounting;
  • Mapping of relevant interventions.

Team Europe members

Other Team Europe Members

About Digital for Development (D4D) for Digital Economy and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa

Geographical area

Sub-Saharan Africa

Thematic priority

Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital


  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities