Cote d'Ivoire - Peace and security

Paix et Stabilité en Côte d’Ivoire

Transformational potential:

  • Bring together the country and the citizen
  • Reduce the injustice and lack of opportunity
  • Limit the organized crime
  • Reduce inter-community conflicts

The Team Europe Proposal:

  1. Strengthening the quality of governance and human rights
  2. Strengthen the role of civil society as an actor of social cohesion
  3. Synergies with the TEI Sustainable Cocoa and the TEI Low Carbon Transition


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About Cote d'Ivoire - Peace and security

Geographical area

Africa - Western

Thematic priority

  • Migration partnerships
  • Governance, Peace and Security
  • Human Development


  • Gender Equality
  • Peace and Justice Strong Institutions