Afghan Displacement situation

Transformational potential:

  • Support the inclusion of Afghan nationals and their host communities into the national programmes of Iran and Pakistan, and complement it with targeted initiatives, including support to documentation for Afghan nationals
  • Ensure synergies and coordination with the TEI in Pakistan, on sustainable jobs and growth

The Team Europe Proposal focuses on 5 main sectors at national, cross-border and regional level and complement other actions implemented at country level with particular attention to categories of vulnerable people (women, youth and children, communities of return and host):

  1. Strengthening Policy dialogue: Facilitation of labour migration and visa procedures
  2. Protection, including social inclusion, and sustainable reintegration for Afghans on the move in host countries: increasing community dialogue, social inclusion, & support to civil documentation
  3. Provision of basic services: increasing access to health and education
  4. Jobs creation, skills development and access to the labour market: displaced entrepreneurs and returnees, support to MSMEs
  5. Well managed labour migration and mobility: support to border management, fight against smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings, engagement with Afghan diaspora

The geographic scope:

  • Areas of high displacement and return in Afghanistan
  • Areas with high numbers of Afghan nationals in Iran and Pakistan

About Afghan Displacement situation

Geographical area

Middle East, Asia and Pacific

Thematic priority

  • Migration partnerships
  • Human Development