The Tracker offers a detailed overview of Team Europe Initiatives (TEIs) and Joint Programming (JP), which enable Team Europe to work better together around the world.

Team Europe Initiatives: Flagships that deliver concrete, transformational results for partner countries or regions pursued by European development/external action partners as Team Europe.

Joint Programming: A strategic engagement process by Team Europe and other European partners that starts with a joint analysis of the challenges and opportunities in a partner country and then develops a joint response at country level based on the EU's values and interests and in support of that country's national development priorities and associated financing strategy.

For each partner country, you can see information on the TEIs and joint programming process being pursued, participating Team Europe Members, and any supporting information, such as joint programming documents and ODA infographics. You can also find aggregated information on TEIs and JP across regions by exploring the dashboards.

In the map below, a yellow border designates that TEIs are being pursued in this partner country, and the country's shade of blue indicates the level of progress with JP as outlined in the Joint Programming Progress section underneath the map.

Please be aware that throughout the tracker, dates and timelines referred to are estimations and all information on TEIs is at this stage indicative.

Team Europe Initiatives Summary

  • 168Total TEIs
  • 132Total country TEIs
  • 32Total regional TEIs
  • 4Total global TEIs

Joint Programming summary

  • 47Total Active JP Countries
  • 4Average number of DPs involved in JP in-country
  • 48Number of countries with non-EU DPs involved

Joint Programming progress

  • 11Feasibility and Scoping Exercises Ongoing
  • 6Roadmaps
  • 14Joint Analysis
  • 18Joint Strategies