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  1. Veronique Lena shared information from the group OPSYS 19 July 2018
    As of 17 July pilot delegations can work with OPSYS results and monitoring. The first part of this module will progressively be rolled-out from September to mid-December 2018 across all delegations and HQ units according to the attached document listing all webinars organized for you in French,...
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  2. Veronique Lena shared information from the group OPSYS 15 May 2018
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  3. Veronique Lena shared information from the group OPSYS 28 February 2018
    The following OPSYS activities will take place during the Cooperation Days: An OPSYS stand operating on the 5th of March (the whole day) to answer enquiries, provide demos and collect feedback Working Group on "OPSYS: the way forward" will take place on 9 th of March from 9.00 am to 11.00 am in...
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  4. Operating in situations of conflict and fragility: EU staff handbook

    The new EU staff handbook on Operating in situations of conflict and fragility is now out! "This is a handbook written by staff. It recounts staff experience as told in the first person and documented in evaluations. As such, it seeks to reap the benefits of the EU’s rich experience in situations...
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  5. Reference Document Nr. 14: Social Transfers in the fight against hunger

    This Reference Document was prepared by Nicholas Freeland and Cécile Cherrier. Preparation was coordinated by Hervé Busschaert, Quality Manager in the Natural Resources Unit in Directorate E (Quality of Operations) of EuropeAid, now Rural Development, Food Security and Nutrition Unit. A European...
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  6. Concept Paper Nr. 3: Mappings and Civil Society Assessments

    This capitalisation study has been prepared by Beatriz Sanz Corella as part of the ‘Programme and project cycle management’ (PPCM) programme. The process was coordinated by the unit dealing with civil society and local authorities within DG Development and Cooperation — EuropeAid. The study...
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  7. Reference Document Nr. 6: Toolkit for Capacity Development

    The approach and the tools presented in this toolkit have been designed to increase demand-orientation and effectiveness of capacity development support, including technical cooperation. They also provide guidance for assessing capacity and help partners to develop strategies and programmes for...
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