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NEW: Training material on the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT

This training material can be used to inform about the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), FLEGT and related topics, such as legality, certification, verification, or chain of custody. It was created as a training of trainers to inform small and medium sized enterprises about the requirements of the EUTR...
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Training film 1 Illegal logging: Why enter a VPA? (18:12 min)

The Siamese rosewood craze: for whom the bell tolls?

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) UK. In a glamorous hongmu showroom in Shanghai, streams of the bustling crowds slowed down to appreciate sets of exquisitely carved Siamese rosewood furniture. What attracted the potential hongmu consumers and investors, beyond the fine and delicate...
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Forest Governance Forum - Liberia

12 Dec
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Monrovia, Liberia
Organised by IDL Group/Tropenbos International
*The eighth Forest Governance Forum will take place on 12th and 13th December 2013 in Monrovia, Liberia, with support from the EU and DFID. An agenda will be posted in due course. To register your interest in attending/participating please email ForestGovernanceForum@theIDLgroup.com .*
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FLEGT Week 2015

16 Mar
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Brussels, Belgium
Organised by European Commission
Annual stakeholder event. Further details at http://www.flegtweek.org/ [1] [1] http://www.flegtweek.org/
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SVLK Flawed: An Independent Evaluation of Indonesia's Timber Legality Certification System

The Study found the following shortcomings: Since its inception the SVLK standard was weakened repeatedly. SVLK certifies operations which are not in compliance with various government regulations. SVLK certifies operations which are not sustainable. SVLK certifies operations which may source...
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Cadena de producción forestal para Colombia y algunos elementos de control y vigilancia

Cadena forestal en bosque natural y Elementos del sistema de control forestal en la cadena forestal de bosque natural , son dos infografías que hacen parte de un conjunto de FACT SHEETS que han sido elaboradas para la formación de capacidades de los actores del sector forestal con el objetivo de...
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FLEGT 7th Annual Coordination Meeting

25 Apr
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Brussels, Belgium
Organised by FLEGT TEAM
Forests, and particularly tropical forests, play a major role for livelihoods as resource and as safety nets for some of the most vulnerable population, for the economy of developing countries, but also in terms of biodiversity. Their role in terms of climate change adaptation and mitigation, has...
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FLEGT projects Interactive Map !

Under the framework of the EU FLEGT Action Plan (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade), the European Commission and Member States finance a number of projects to support committed partnership countries in combatting illegal logging. Discover with this map the most recent projects financed...
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The Map of FLEGT projects is an interactive tool for sharing information and coordinating action in support of the EU FLEGT Action Plan. FLEGT combats illegal logging and fosters good forest governance through a combination of measures involving Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade.