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Reminder : Forest-based value chains and wood webinar

Objectives of the course The overall objective of this series of webinars on “European Green Deal - Greening EU cooperation” is to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of the European Green Deal and its implications for EU cooperation; and strengthen the capacity of the participants in...
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The ‘forest store’ of the Bantu and Baka populations in Cameroon

Building trust and understanding between actors in the supply chain A large part of southern Cameroon (the East, South and Central regions) is forested and the contents of its ‘forest store’ are many. Among the treats of the forest are bush mango (African mango) kernels, moabi oil, njansang (a...
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The Honduras-EU agreement to reduce illegal logging enters into force

The objective of the VPA is to provide a legally binding framework to ensure that all EU imports of timber products from Honduras covered by this agreement are sourced legally. The VPA also aims at improving community forest livelihoods, mitigating climate change impacts, and recognising the right...
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