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Education statistics in the Guide

About improving education (sector) statistics section in the Guide, it might be worth mentioning in the next revision, the work on quality of education statistics being done in Africa by the Unesco Institution of Statistics team based in DAKAR. They are developing and implementing an Education statistics Data Quality Assessment Framework (Ed DQAF); contact Marc Bernal, Regional Advisor ( for more information.

Gérard Chenais


Many thanks for your comment Gérard. We will check this information and possibity of mentioned the practice as an example!
Susana Martins

Indeed the Education chapter (D.23) and Health chapter (D.24) are extremely well done and I'll pass the info to my Colleagues dealing with those sectors. It is also very good to have the "To find more..." section at the end of each chapter.
Zé Alves-Pereira (EUDEL Angola)

Thanks for your coments Zé! It is very important to receive feedback from users. If you have aditionnal information to share, we will be glad to have it.

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Gérard Chenais
24 July 2012

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