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The European Commission (EC) created the Guidance Package (GP) on Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus (SPaN)  to provide concrete and practical guidance to social protection as an effective short- and long-term response to multivariate shocks, protracted crises and displacement based on the current body of knowledge, including brief definitions, and processes of social protection approaches in most challenging settings. The variety of contexts covered by the GP also includes countries where social protection systems are nationally led and those without any structures in place.

Designed to provide insights and strategies for humanitarian and development staff, the GP is made up of a reference document, thematic notes, country case studies, and think pieces on latest research and policy development.

The GP is considered a ´living tool´ that brings together experts and views from across the nexus with the aim to continually strengthen the value of the package with experiences from the field.


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16 October 2020

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