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Operationalising social protection in Malawi

In the following interview Ralf Radermacher, Head of Sector Social Protection at giz: Brings attention to improving multi-stakeholder coordination, and; Draws on lessons learnt from supporting the Malawian Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development to harmonise instruments of the...
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Opportunities for joint programming and joint implementation - Mr Christos Marazopoulos (DG DEVCO)

SPaN Seminar, Paris, 24 January 2019 Session 8 – Joint Programming and implementation of Social Protection nexus programmes Keynote speech 1: Opportunities for joint programming and joint implementation by the EC (DEVCO, ECHO, NEAR) and the EU Member States’s at country and global level, Mr...
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(2019) Strengthening the capacity of ASEAN Member States to design and implement risk-informed and shock-responsive social protection systems for resilience

The Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises 10 Member States (AMS) with very diverse economies: two are high income (Brunei Darussalam and Singapore), two are upper-middle income (Malaysia and Thailand), and the remaining six are lower-middle income (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR,...
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