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Shock-responsive or adaptive social protection?

Dear colleagues, On November 8th, Socialprotection.org published a blog post titled Is my social protection programme ´shock-responsive´or ´adaptive´? The authors explore the differences between both concepts from field experiences in the Sahel region and extensive literature review. The discussion...
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Socialprotection.org Webinar - The Adaptive Social Protection Program in Sahel (2 April 2020, 8:30 GMT-4/EDT)

02 Apr
Organised by The World Bank Group Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice; Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI); Social Protection for Employment COmmunity (SPEC)
During the current COVID-19 crisis, the Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI) 1 has launched a four-part webinar learning series focused on sharing country experiences on moving economic inclusion programs to scale. This first webinar will take place on April 2nd, 2020, from 8:30 am to 10 am GMT...
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