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SPaN Guidance Package - 20 May 2019 - Georgia Rowe: Working through Social Protection Systems in Contexts of Fragility

Supporting People through Crises: Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus Launch event on the occasion of the release of operational notes on 20 May 2019 This presentation is part of the Content-specific Operational Guidance session.
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SPaN (2019) Case Study: Yemen

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Joint programming and joint implementation in Georgia - Mr Andrei Tretyak (Expertise France)

SPaN Seminar, Paris, 24 January 2019 Session 8 – Joint Programming and implementation of Social Protection nexus programmes Keynote speech 2: Joint programming and implementation in Georgia– a Member State’s perspective, Andrei TRETYAK (Expertise France)
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Andrew Mitchell (2018) Harnessing social protection for forcibly displaced people - conceptual overview

According to Andrew Mitchell, UNHCR´s Senior Solutions Officer, meeting the increasing challenges of those affected by forced displacement including displaced families, host communities and national systems facing increased demand, requires support in two key areas: I. A better transition from...
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2017: Key documents of the International Conference on Social Protection in contexts of Fragility and Forced Displacement

Key documents presented by the organizers of the International Conference on Social Protection in context of Fragility and Forced Displacement, held in September 2017 in Brussels. A quick access to the Outcome Document is provided and please find below selected country case profiles. Country...
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