Back to the list Webinar - How can social protection systems respond to the COVID-19 crisis? (7 April 2020, 06:00 EDT/GMT -4)


*This webinar is part of a Webinar Series following social protection responses in the context of the current Covid-19 crisis. Join the related online community "Social Protection responses to COVID-19 (Task Force)" to access all information on regions, key global and country debates and experiences. 


One of the distinguishing traits of the COVID-19 crisis is the extent to which the public health response accelerates the pandemic’s social and economic consequences. This characteristic, combined with the grave epidemiological shock and severe impact on livelihoods, defines the coronavirus triple threat.

On one hand, this webinar aims at presenting a comprehensive framework to explore how various countries are using their existing social protection systems to address the COVID-19 crisis. By identifying core cross-cutting themes and overarching questions this will also set the framework for upcoming webinars within this series.

On the other hand, the webinar explores how integrated social protection interventions can contribute to a more comprehensive response to tackle the negative effects of the Covid-19 crisis, with three pillars:

  1. strengthening public health systems,
  2. providing support to livelihoods, and
  3. enabling a combination treatment that reinforces the first two pillars while building developmental synergies that can reduce the long-term costs of the new seclusion society.


Valentina Barca, Independent Consultant

Michael Samson, Research Director, the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI)




Lisa Hannigan, Senior Social Protection Specialist / Director, Social Protection Section, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Government of Australia

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