Social protection across the humanitarian-development nexus

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31 May 2019,
19:00 to 23:00

This learning event is being hosted as part of the Understanding Risk Caribbean Conference (27-31 May | Barbados) >> Link 

The Nuts & Bolts of Adaptive/Shock-Responsive Social Protection - Integrating Social Protection into Disaster Risk Management

Organization: World Food Programme and World Bank

Session Leads and Facilitators:

  • Regis Chapman – WFP Head of Barbados Office for Caribbean Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Giorgia Testolin – WFP Head of Programme Regional Bureau Panama
  • Francesca Ciardi – WFP Programme Policy Officer
  • Asha Williams – World Bank Social Protection Specialist
  • Clemente Avila Parra – World Bank Social Protection Economist
  • Keren Charles – World Bank Disaster Risk Management Specialist

Time: 13:30-17:00
Location: EBCCI GL Pedagogical Center

Summary: Linking social protection systems with climate change adaptation and disaster risk management and reduction – in what is commonly known as adaptive or shock-responsive social protection – is a topic of growing interest in the Caribbean region and globally. The first part of the training will serve to clarify key concepts and highlight best practices on the use of national social protection systems to respond to a wide range of emergencies (i.e. social registries, social safety net payment mechanisms, cash, vouchers, in-kind transfers, etc), and in promoting better preparedness and recovery once the immediate crisis is over. In the second part, through a highly engaging and interactive table-top exercise participants will identify linkages and opportunities to inform ex-ante investments needed to strengthen and better integrate social protection systems and programmes in all phases of the disaster risk management cycle. A hurricane outlook scenario will provide the backdrop to though-provoking discussions, knowledge exchange and preparedness planning on linking vulnerability analysis with management information systems and targeting, payment delivery mechanisms, coordination between disaster management and social protection entities, and risk-financing options for a more “adaptive” or “shock-responsive” social protection.

Training Agenda

01:30-01:45 Ice Breaker

01:45-01:55 What is Social Protection? (Clemente Avila Parra and Asha Williams – World Bank)

01:55-02:05 Disaster Risk Management practices, tools and systems (Keren Charles – World Bank)

02:05-02:15 Social Protection & Disaster Response: Key Concepts and Design Options (Regis Chapman and Giorgia Testolin – World Food Programme)

02:15-02:30 Q&A with

02:30-02:45 Coffee Break

02:45-03:45 Table-top simulation (Francesca Ciardi – World Food Programme & Asha Williams – World Bank)

Participants will be divided into 4 groups, presented with a Hurricane Outlook Scenario in a fictional Small Island Nation and asked to draft a preparedness plan, taking into consideration national social protection programmes and disaster risk management frameworks.

03:45-04:00 Coffee Break

04:00-04:40 Each group will present their preparedness plans back to plenary (10 min per group)

04:40-05:00 Training facilitators will provide feedback and wrap-up the session with final remarks.

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