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OPM 2018 - Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems Toolkit.

Large-scale shocks are becoming more numerous, frequent and long-term. Disaster risk management (DRM) and humanitarian practitioners commonly play a vital role already in addressing them.

How can social protection programmes and systems also contribute to responding to shocks, either before or after the crisis arises?

This OPM toolkit provides some guidance on how to think through the issues from a policy analysis perspective. It brings together information on key concepts, diagnostic tools and guidance for determining whether shock-responsive social protection is appropriate in a given context, and the factors that might influence its effectiveness. It is aimed at social protection, humanitarian and disaster risk management professionals who are interested in pursuing better responses to emergencies, including in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

The objective of the toolkit is to help readers to:

  • Understand what is meant by ‘shock-responsive social protection’ and other key terms
  • Assess the feasibility of different options for shock-responsive social protection in your context
  • Take steps to strengthen the systems underlying shock-responsive social protection
  • Learn from other countries’ experience with shock-responsive social protection

For interaction with the authors and other external stakeholders, join the community Social Protection in Crisis Contexts supported by this Guidance Packageat

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26 November 2018

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