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Shock-responsive or adaptive social protection?

Dear colleagues, 

On November 8th, published a blog post titled Is my social protection programme ´shock-responsive´or ´adaptive´? The authors explore the differences between both concepts from field experiences in the Sahel region and extensive literature review. 

The discussion aims to demonstrate that shock-responsive social protection could be considered a sub-set of adaptive social protection programmes focused on mobilising effective safety net and social protection programmes to cushion the negative effects of shocks and disasters on affected households and communities. This would ultimately build the absorptive component of these households/communities´ resilience. 

We invite you to check the full text and discuss with us your views about the thematic positioning and the different contexts of resilience and the focus of both approaches.

  • Would you like to share your own experience with our community?
  • Do you know about any relevant material complementing this discussion?

Tell us! 

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