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New SPaN Case Studies: Turkey, The Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Kenya (urban), Mali and Yemen

These seven case studies complement the wider resources in the Guidance Package on Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus (SPaN). All documents produced by SPaN are shared in this group and are available at the group library.

By detailing global experiences of delivering humanitarian assistance through national social protection systems, these case studies aim to illustrate, in practical terms, what is needed and what does it mean to bridge humanitarian assistance and development.

In sum, they cover: the diversity of financing arrangements used; the actions that have taken place at each stage of the humanitarian programme cycle; the different ways in which social protection systems and procedures can be modified; and ways in which different actors have worked together to deliver these programmes.

These desk-based case studies detailed below were selected based on the following criteria:

i) Previous experience with design and implementation of humanitarian interventions that link with and/or strengthen national social protection systems;

ii) Programmes for which there is existing documented evidence (since case studies draw from readily available secondary data only, no primary data collection was undertaken); and

iii) Showcasing a breadth of emergency contexts and ways to work with national systems.


Case study

Type of shock

Social protection instrument

Way the social protection system was used (typology)


Forced displacement, cross border (protracted)

Social transfer (unconditional cash)

Piggy backing (ex post)


The Philippines

Rapid onset natural disaster (typhoon)

Social transfer (CCT but condition was waived)

Vertical expansion (ex post)



Forced displacement, internal (short term)

Social transfer (unconditional cash)

Horizontal expansion (ex post)


Rapid onset natural disaster (earthquake)

Social transfer (unconditional cash)

Vertical and horizontal expansion (ex post)

Kenya (urban)

Macroeconomic shock (inflation)

Unconditional cash transfer

Alignment (ex post)


Slow onset natural disaster (drought)

Unconditional cash transfer

Alignment (ex post)


Forced Displacement, internal (protracted)

Social transfers (unconditional cash and in-kind transfers), public works programmes



For further details on the working typology used to adress social protection in humanitarian-development nexus, see the documents below: 

European Commission (2019) Tools and Methods Series - Reference Document No 26: Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. A Game Changer in Supporting People through Crises.

SPaN (2019) Summary - Reference Document

OPM (2018) Shock-responsive social protection systems - Toolkit

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