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  1. Zena Mouawad shared information from the group Economics, public finance, domestic revenue mobilisation & budget support 6 May 2022
    The IMF published his strategy for fragile and conflict-affected states here: https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/Policy-Papers/Issues/2022/03/14/The-... The published paper proposes a comprehensive Strategy to strengthen IMF support to FCS in accordance with the Fund’s mandate and comparative...
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  2. Social Protection in Crisis Contexts - Thematic Hangouts

    Dear all, The Online Community Social Protection in Crisis Contexts is organising informal thematic hangouts to discuss key topics which practitioners would be interested in exchanging views, knowledge materials and lessons. The next Hangout will take place this Wednesday 4 May at 1 pm UTC (9 am...
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  3. Social Protection PODCASTs

    Dear Group Members, I share with you a selection of podcasts available discussing various 'hot topics' in the field of social protection. While not all are developed with a focus on the humanitarian-development nexus, the lessons from COVID-19 responses on various fronts of the policy field bring...
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  4. Socialprotection.org webinars - Upcoming events

    Find below a list of upcoming events hosted by our partner platform Socialprotection.org. To join the Online Community dedicated to the theme Social Protection in Crisis Contexts, please register in the platform and join here . Best regards, SPaN CoPs KM 27 Jan 2022 - Using Social Registries to...
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