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Crop Production Farmer Extension Guide for Smallholders in South Sudan 2nd Edition

During the five years of use of the 1st edition, extension staff, farmers and development practitioners requested the need to update the information in the guide for the following reasons: i. to update information contained in it, ii. to ensure it addresses all agro-ecological zones of the country, iii. to improve the layout of the booklet and include additional illustrations.

This 2nd edition took all these requests into consideration. It is once again the product of harmonising training and reference materials used by development partners as well as the extension staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. The process of harmonizing the materials brought together academia, staff of both state and national Ministries of Agriculture and Food Security, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, national and international non-governmental organizations, and UN agencies (FAO, WFP and UNIDO). Additional information was sourced from materials developed by academic, research and agricultural training institutions around the world especially those in Africa, Asia and the USA. Specifically, in this revised edition, there is additional information on agronomic practices for eleven selected crops: sorghum, maize, rice, sesame, cowpeas, groundnut, beans, cassava, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, kale, amaranth and eggplant. In each of the sections you will find information on agronomic practices, seed varieties, cropping seasons, land preparation, spacing, pest and disease management, harvesting techniques, utilization and marketing. The European Union funded and facilitated the process through the South Sudan Rural Development (SORUDEV) Programme.

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30 June 2021

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