SOCIEUX+ EU Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment is a technical assistance facility conceived to support partner countries and institutions to better design and manage inclusive, effective, and sustainable employment policies and social protection systems. SOCIEUX+ provides access to short-term high-quality European expertise from peers to peers.

SOCIEUX+ is an uncomplicated, quick, and flexible cooperation facility that combines:

  • Short-term, peer-to-peer technical assistance provided by experts drawn primarily from the European public administrations and mandated bodies
  • Triangular cooperation, by relying on international expert teams that combine European and non-European practitioners; or facilitating cooperation between institutions;
  • Knowledge Development activities to capitalise the results of actions carried out in the framework of the Facility.

    Its synergetic, peer-to-peer approach ensures a tailored, to-the-point, technical cooperation. SOCIEUX+ actions take the form of single or several short-term activities which are in general implemented onsite.

    SOCIEUX+ partners with public authorities and mandated bodies at national, regional and local levels working in the in the fields of social protection, labour and employment. A flexible, demand-driven instrument, SOCIEUX+ invites partner institutions to submit requests for technical assistance. Please see the Apply for support section for further information.

SOCIEUX+ Launch Event

SOCIEUX+ has been officialy launched with the event: Facilitating expertise on social protection, labour and employment. A boost for sustainable development, celebrated recently in Brussels. Please click below to view the conference highlights and video interviews:

Europe’s priceless know-how on social protection and employment

Most countries can finance some kind of social safety net through domestic resources, according to Belgian deputy prime minister Alexander De Croo. But he says developing nations often lack the technical knowledge to build sustainable programmes for things like health, social work and pensions. That’s where European policy experts come in through EU programme SOCIEUX. To mark the launch of the next phase, SOCIEUX+, we hear from participants on both sides of the exchange (…).” More information

The conference was attended by more than 250 experts amongst decision-makers, official representatives and practitioners of the EU Member States and Partner Countries and backed up by the highest level of institutional representation.

7 February 2014