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We are the planet!

We are the planet! is aimed at experimenting an innovative process for the global education and the citizenship in relation to the 7th Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations, based on the prominence of children and on the synergic integration between public art and training activities in Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Cyprus. Project partners are in fact in Italy the Province of Teramo, the NGO ProgettoMondo Mlal and Solstizio Association; in Slovenia the Municipality of Nova Gorica, in Spain, the Province of Avila and in Cyprus, the Municipality of Strovolos. Associated partners are the Regional Development Agency of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Actions et Développement and Keoogo operating in Burkina Faso and Benin.
The project is based on an integrated communication process consisting in different didactic interventions that involve students (from 6 to 18 years old) and citizens of European and African countries, on the application of different artistic languages (music, visual arts and video performance) as well as on the use of digital platform of social network and three-dimensional worlds.

Main activities are: the creation of four Didactic Centres in each partner country, where training courses and artistic laboratories on sustainable development themes addressed to children of primary and secondary schools, to the teachers and to the citizens will be implemented and the establishment of Sustainable Development Museums where materials realized by students during laboratories are with temporary artistic installations.

Furthermore the project foreseen an intense exchange activity with African schools of Burkina Faso and Benin, specifically with the school of Sepounga, Boromo "E" and Tanghin.



Below some videos showing interventions implemented so far in Italy,in Slovenia and in Spain.



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Federica Marcellini
1 October 2013

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