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  1. 1st Regional Meeting Europe

    On 15 and 16 January 2018, the first Regional PFD Meeting Europe took place in Ghent (Belgium). More than 100 representatives of civil society organisations and local authorities and European institutions came together to discuss a variety of relevant topics related to the EU's development policies...
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  2. The European Policy Forum on Development: Bridging the global agenda

    The Policy Forum on Development (PFD) provides a platform for members of civil society, local authorities, the private sector and European institutions to shape development policies together. The first European Regional Meeting in Ghent in January 2018 provided a chance for a discussion on what...
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  3. Environment and policy coherence

    The 2018 European Regional Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) saw the SDGs positioned as the guiding principles behind discussions on urban growth, the role of civil society, and ecological impacts. For Sally Nicholson, Head of Development Policy and Finance at WWF’s European...
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  4. The challenge of democratic and inclusive land policymaking in Myanmar - A response to the draft national land use policy

    In October 2014 the Myanmar government unveiled a draft National Land Use Policy (NLUP) and announced it would take public comments for a limited time before finalizing the document. Once it is...
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  5. Connecting evidence and policy? Scientists and policymakers from 45 countries learned how

    JRC is committed to sharing our expertise in providing evidence for policy with broader scientific and policymaking community. In August 2016, we invited both scientists and policymakers from Europe and Africa to join us in Ispra and exchange knowledge on how to use evidence in policymaking...
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