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5 August 2016 to 10 June 2017
in (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Security and Defence College (EEAS/ESDC)

The overall aim of the CSDP High Level Course (HLC) is to prepare selected
senior individuals from EU Member States and EU Institutions for leadership
positions in the application and development of the CSDP policy, crisis
management and capability development, which are able to cooperate
effectively with the various actors in this field. The course aims to broaden
course participants’ knowledge and understanding of the EU security and
defence architecture, the comprehensive nature of the CSDP as a key tool of
CFSP, current and anticipated policy, missions and operations, as well as to
increase their awareness of human rights and gender, freedom security and
justice and horizontal issues.

The training delivered both via the eLearning platform and during the
residential Modules promotes a common European security culture and aims to
foster the network of future leaders involved in the strategic aspects of the

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man building wall
There was a question posed more than once at this year’s European Development Days in Brussels. Most participants agreed the concept of “resilience” has been widely embraced since a 2012 EU communication on the topic, but many still asked, “resilient to what?”
6 July 2015 to 8 July 2015
in 1000 - Bruxelles (Belgium)

The main *objective* of this seminar is to update DEVCO and ECHO practitioners working in/on fragile and crisis-affected countries on recent policy developments, as well as on concepts, principles, approaches, tools and procedures for better addressing fragility and crisis situations with a resilience lens, to avoid deterioration and ensure a smoother transition from humanitarian to development.

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Resilience is often seen as the positive inverse of fragility. It calls for changing the way that development and humanitarian actors work, emphasizing the need for more collaborative and targeted approaches that address the root causes of crises.

5 February 2018 to 9 February 2018
in Bucharest (Romania)
Organised byRomanian Carol I National Defence University, through the Crisis management and Multinational Operations Department and under the ESDC auspices

The ESDC is pleased to invite you to the "CSDP Orientation Course", 5 to 9 February 2018, Bucharest (Romania), organised by the Romanian Carol I National Defence University, through the Crisis management and Multinational Operations Department and under the ESDC

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As the Syrian conflict enters its sixth year, the losses continue to grow – whether measured in lives, dollars, infrastructure or years of lost schooling.

15 May 2017 to 19 May 2017
in Etterbeeck (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Security and Defence College with Romanian National Defence College

The CSDP Orientation Course is a major component of the ESDC training activities with the aim to develop and promote a broad understanding of Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) as an integral part of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the E

27 March 2017 to 31 March 2017
in Madrid (Spain)
Organised byEuropean Security and Defence College, with CESEDEN - Centro Superior de Estudios de la Defensa Nacional (Centre for National Defence Studies), Spain

The CSDP Orientation Course is one of the top courses of the ESDC. The course
aims to provide the participants with a general overview of the CSDP and
getting into more detail on the most pertinent issues on the current European
security and defence policy agenda. The course consists of an eLearning part,
as well as a residential session, held in Madrid, Spain, both parts being
compulsory. It will offer the participants a broad understanding of CSDP; in
particular, they will be exposed to the CSDP institutional framework, current
policies, as well as structures and processes, taking into account the
comprehensive approach. Participants will also have the opportunity to
network, share views and perspectives with one another and with professionals
in the field of CSDP. This specific Orientation Course will focus on how the
EU and its member states could face the unconventional and unrestricted

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Countries affected by conflict and fragility receive 64% of global aid, but it’s too often spent on fire-fighting, rather than the underlying causes of fragility, according to OECD experts. Capacity4dev hears from the authors of the latest OECD States of Fragility report about their new methodology for defining fragility, findings and recommendations.
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This is the course material of the one-day course on Context for Development -- Fragility and Conflict Sensitivity.