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  1. Gender transformative approaches in agriculture, food and nutrition security: the EU’s approach

    The discourse around gender transformation in development has been growing in recent years. This is a result of growing evidence that overly technical approaches around gender mainstreaming and the empowerment of women are failing to address the systemic causes of gender inequality. In the rural...
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  2. 13th March 2018: The EU is taking part in CSW62! Joint EU-Germany-Finland Side Event on "Transformative approaches to achieve women’s tenure security at scale: the relation between equal land rights and women’s empowerment in rural Africa"

    Land rights are crucial for women’s social and economic empowerment, as well as for household food security, the fight against poverty and the growth of the rural economy . Despite this, women’s...
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  3. Because Women Matter: Designing interventions in food, nutrition and agriculture that allow women to change their lives

    Are you in charge of rural development/nutrition programmes but are not sure how to mainstream gender considerat ions and promote equality? This guide is for you. DEVCO ​C1 has published its guide: Because Women Matter - Designing interventions in food, nutrition and agriculture that all ow women...
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