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  1. Resilience Building in Ethiopia (RESET)

    Group to facilitate the coordination of Humanitarian and Development Aid of the EU to Ethiopia to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities.
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    Public group owned by lechils 28 February 2014
  2. Exploring gender perceptions of resource ownership and their implications for food security among rural livestock owners in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua

    This article , published in February 2105 in the journal Agriculture & Food Security and written by a team of CGIAR authors, considers that productive resources are essential to the livelihoods and food security of the world’s rural poor. Gender-equal ownership of resources is considered key to...
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  3. Adoption of the 2018 Annual Action Programme for food and nutrition security

    The Annual Action Programme was recently adopted on 29 November 2018, containing actions worth EUR 233,500,000. The action documents with various initiatives include: – Annex 1: Promoting Responsible Governance of Investments in Land – Annex 2: Nutrition for Development (N4D) – Annex 3: DeSIRA -...
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  4. Using Mobile Phone Data and Airtime Credit Purchases to Estimate Food Security

    A new UN Global Pulse study in collaboration with WFP, Universite Catholique de Louvan and Real Impact Analytics identifies airtime credit purchases (i.e. phone credit "topups") as realtime proxy...
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  5. COM(2016) 740 final - Proposal for a new European Consensus on Development - Our World, our Dignity, our Future

    On November 22 nd 2016, th e European Commission announced three Communications on a new Consensus for Development, on the building blocks for renewed Partnership with partner countries and on a sustainable European future. In the proposal for a new "European Consensus on Development" presented by...
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