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Bruno Duarte added a new Photo 31 August 2016

En el marco del Programa Marco Interuniversitario para una Política de Equidad y Cohesión Social en la Educación Superior (RIAIPE 3), proyecto que cuenta con el apoyo de la Comisión Europea en su línea ALFA III, los equipos nacionales de Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uruguay elaboraron esta

Global manufacturing increased modestly in 2015 as growth slowed in developing and emerging industrial economies - UNIDO report

Katharine Mill added a new Photo 22 May 2014

Efforts to protect biodiversity should not increase the vulnerability or reduce the resilience of the rural poor, such as the Aka. EU support for measures to combat illegal logging requires forest-dwellers to be included in negotiation, dialogue and decision-making.
Credit Nicolas Guyot

European Mobile Laboratory Unit performs Diagnostics on Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in Guéckédou, Guinea

 > EU Mobile Lab in Guinea

Vincent Chasteloux added a new Photo 24 September 2014

B4Life in images

 > Aboriginal woman, Colombia

Katharine Mill added a new Photo 22 May 2014

Making baskets as part of a project for the conservation and sustainable development of the bio-geography of Choco, Colombia.