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  1. Including Disability in All Aspects of Development

    The inclusion of disability in the Sustainable Development Goals is a breakthrough for the billion people around the world who experience some form of disability. Four-fifths live in developing countries, and although they are amongst the poorest, they often find their needs ignored by local...
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  2. Europe’s priceless know-how on social protection and employment

    Most countries can finance some kind of social safety net through domestic resources, according to Belgian deputy prime minister and minister for development Alexander De Croo. But he says developing nations often lack the technical knowledge to build sustainable programmes for things like health...
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  3. RNSF Newsletter 9

    Dear Members of the IESF Group, We are glad to wish you a happy new year and to announce you the publication of the first newsletter of 2018! In this issue, we focus on the RNSF regional workshop in Lima on the organization of informal workers. It also includes good practices on advocacy methods...
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