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23 June 2015 to 24 June 2015
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised by PACE-Net Plus bi-regional platform

PACE-Net Plus is the second project funded by the European Commission to
further strengthen bi-regional

ST&I cooperation between the Pacific Region and the European Union.

Many societies around the world face challenges in the areas of health and
wellbeing, food-security,

terrestrial and marine resource management, and the impact of climate change.
In the Pacific region, some

of these challenges are compounded by geographic and socio-economic issues
unique to the region.


 research, technological development, and innovative approaches all play
important roles in

assisting Pacific Island nations to address these challenges.

18 March 2015 to 20 March 2015
in (Belgium)
Organised byCTA

From *March 18**th **to 20**th*, an E-debate on *“Island economies facing
Climate disasters: what options?”* will take place on Intra-ACP APP online
platform on Capacity4dev ( – E-meetings
section – to address this general concern of small islands. With
interventions from climate change experts such as *Dr Olu Ajayi* from CTA and
moderation from *Mr Samson VilvilFare*, the Intra-ACP APP coordinator, this
online discussion will contribute to generate sound options for better
responses to climate disasters in ACP countries and more particularly in
islands economies.