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  1. New Ways to Help Women Entrepreneurs Impact on MENA Economies

    Participants at a high level panel discussion entitled, “Women Entrepreneurship to Reshape the Economy through Innovation in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA)” held during the 2012 European Development Days explored ways to increase women’s participation in the economy.
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  2. Special Issue on Leadership in Knowledge and Capacity Development in the Water Sector (and beyond)

    This special issue of Water Policy on Leadership in Knowledge and Capacity Development in the Water Sector was launched recently at the IWA Development Congress in Nairobi. Together, the papers in this special issue and the insights from the 5th Delft Symposium on Water Sector Capacity Development...
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  3. HiQSTEP - High Quality Studies to Support activities under the Eastern Partnership

    Overall Project Objective: Advance the development and the objectives of the Eastern Partnership countries in various areas in view of a closer cooperation of these countries with the EU and among the countries themselves. Project Purpose: Produce high quality studies on specific subjects as...
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    Completed project owned by PKM 12 January 2015
  4. Air Quality Governance in the ENPI East Countries

    The Air-Q-Gov project supports Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine to tackle the challenges those countries face with the increase of air pollution emissions. In particular, the project supports the countries in their efforts to:...
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    Completed project owned by Arnaudi 14 November 2014
  5. Case Studies

    The Case Studies describe the actions undertaken and achievements reached under the Clima East Expert Facility in the partner countries. Case Studies: Clima East helps Moldova implement provisions of EU law on fuel quality and monitoring of industrial emissions ( in English ) ( in Russian ) Clima...
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  6. MedMedia

    Open dialogue around media reform in the Southern Mediterranean
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    Public group owned by MedMedia 4 July 2014